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Do you have issues with unwanted birds? At Pest Control Narangba, we have a team of specialists that are well versed in bird control and proofing.

Bird pest control is a delicate area of pest management, but it can become a severe problem for homeowners and businesses if it isn’t adequately addressed.

To get rid of nuisance birds, you must call us for a thorough inspection and control. The latest techniques for bird management, bird removal Narangba service and proofing are all part of our extensive training in avian biology.

Bird deterrent and control must be approached with care and responsibility. Many preventative strategies are available, but each must be evaluated in terms of suitability for a particular situation before it can be implemented. When it comes to bird control services and bird proofing, our professionals are here to help you make the best decision.

Is it a good idea to get your home or company bird proofed?

  • Prevent costly damage

Uric acid in bird droppings may wreak havoc on your property, including your outside paint and your vehicles. A buildup of nesting material can cause your gutters and drains to sag or even collapse. Gutter and downspout durability can be ensured by bird proofing your home, saving you money in the long run.

  • Ensure the health and well-being of your family, workers, and clients

Salmonella, histoplasmosis, and ornithosis are only a few diseases conveyed by birds’ droppings and nesting materials. Bird mites, which can infest your home via wall cavities, are also carried by these pests. These significant difficulties will not be a problem if your property is bird proofed and you can protect yourself and others around you.

  • Enhance the general appearance of your home

If you own a business or industrial property, bird droppings, nests, and big flocks can be an eyesore and scare away potential customers. Cleaning the droppings from your building or paying someone to do it may be costly and time-consuming.

Consider contacting us to bird-proof your building once rather than paying for it repeatedly. You save money over time when you don’t have to clean up bird messes and repair roofs and solar panels.

Signs Of Bird Infestation

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the telltale indicators of a bird infestation. These warning signals can help you catch an infestation early and get in touch with experts before the birds do serious harm.

  1. Large Groups

Birds may be infesting your property if you see a rise in the number of birds in the spring and summer months (when nesting is most common).

  1. Feces of birds

Bird droppings may indicate that birds dwell in your home or company if found in clusters surrounding your property. Locate the infestation by using the droppings as a guide.

  1. Internal/External Damage

Damage to your roof or eaves is the most evident indicator of a bird infestation. Birds may be living in your building if you notice holes in your roof or damage to your eaves and rafter joints. Birds looking for nesting supplies may leave holes in your attic or basement walls, which may indicate an infestation.

  1. Debris and Feathers

Birds may be living in your attic or basement if there are large clusters of feathers around your home or in your attic or basement. The feathers and detritus that birds leave behind when building their nests can be a nuisance. A typical area for birds to make their nests is in your chimney, gutters, and window frames. The presence of this trash near your property solidifies that you have a bird problem.

  1. Noise

If you hear a lot of bird noise, the birds may be nesting within your house. The sounds of baby birds crying, fluttering wings, or scratching the walls or ceiling might also alert you to an infestation.

What We Do For Bird-Proofing A Property

No, birds can’t be stopped from flying into your house or office. Absolutely. To fulfil your business’s or home’s unique demands, we provide a wide range of bird-proofing choices. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Bird deterrent. If you’re renovating a home, don’t try to use commercial-grade materials on it. Identifying the most effective and long-term methods of bird proofing is a joint effort between you and our staff. Have you already dealt with birds on your property? We also offer bird nest removal services to ensure your property is entirely free of birds.

  • Inspection Of the Property

We can perform on-site inspections to establish the degree of your bird infestation. We’ll keep track of the kinds of birds we see and their numbers as part of our investigation. Aside from their eating and nesting grounds, we’ll also keep tabs on any other non-pest species that may be there. As a result, we’ll recommend a plan of action that’s both humane and efficient and tailored to your specific situation.

  • Use Of Nets and Bird Deterrents

Feral birds can’t get to ledges where they roost and nest because our team can install UV-resistant woven netting on the undersides of awnings or chosen facades. Neatly concealed netting is installed in various ways, depending on the unique situation.

  • Use Of Spikes

Bird spikes can discourage birds from landing on ledges and specific surfaces. As a result, bird populations are forced to relocate elsewhere.

  • Follow-Up Checking

We’ll come back to see if there’s been any bird infestation-if you’ve had any bird proofing done on your property. 

Cost of Bird Removal Narangba Service: We Are Cheap In Narangba

We for Bird Removal Narangba know how important it is to work with professionals. So we’ve decided to offer you a free in-home assessment, where one of our professional consultants will see you at your home and discuss your bird proofing needs and budget. Your home will be bird-free, and any other visible pests will be removed once you’ve selected your method of bird proofing. Our team is thoroughly trained to complete your project. Having a clean roofline that is also shielded from trash and fire-resistant is a considerable benefit. You can contact us immediately to learn more about our bird proofing services. If you have any concerns regarding our products, services, or Bird nest removal cost, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why choose Our Bird Removal Narangba experts?

  • Skilled Efficient Reliable

Bird netting and deterrent systems are among our areas of expertise, along with bird fouling decontamination/removal. Our Bird Removal Narangba technicians can be booked for services throughout the suburb.

  • Bird Control and Bird Proofing Specialist

We are an expert in bird control, including installing bird netting systems, removing bird fouling, and decontamination. It doesn’t matter what the issue is; we’ll find the best way to deal with bird infestations while minimizing the visual impact on the building itself and its surroundings.

  • Completely Insured

Prevention of pests All of Narangba’s services, including bird proofing, bird control, and bird netting, are fully covered by the company’s insurance policy. Air rifles and working at heights are both covered by our policy.

  • Additional Services

Commercial structures can be protected from feral pigeons and seagulls by various methods.


How do I schedule your service in Narangba? 

You can make a booking for our service on call.  You simply have to provide us with your home details and we will be at your doorsteps within a few hours. 

What is the most effective bird repellent? 

The most effective technique to scare birds is to use flags that move in the wind. Sculptures of cats, dogs, and eagles that may be relocated about every few days are helpful.

Is it possible to keep birds at bay with bird nets? 

A net is an affordable option for bird infestation prevention. Bird netting is an excellent technique to keep birds away from your home. 

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