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Mosquitoes are known to create a lot of havoc in homes and businesses by spreading illnesses to your family and employees. We offer effective mosquito control treatment in Narangba. You can reach out to our mosquito control Narangba team for effective service. We ensure inspecting your property thoroughly and then carry out indoor and outdoor mosquito control. 

If you are tackling mosquitoes alone, you need to appoint our mosquito control service Narangba. We are offering cost-effective treatments for mosquitoes Also, we have a skilled team of mosquito controllers for treating all kinds of mosquito species common in Australia. Simply place a same-day booking with us on our customer care number 07 2000 4287

What Is The Reaction Of  A Mosquito Bite?

Female mosquitoes bite you and suck your blood. When a mosquito bites, it goes into your skin using a special mouthpart called a proboscis. The human body reacts with saliva which results in itching and bumps. Have a look at the symptoms and complications associated with mosquito bites below. 


  • A puffy bump appears just after a mosquito bites you
  • It is a hard, reddish and itchy bump(s) that stays for a day or two post-bite
  • Dark bite spots that look like painful bruises


Infected Bite

  • Never scratch the bite, it may then become infected
  • If it gets worse, consult a doctor
  • An infected mosquito bite is usually red, warm and with a dot on the top of the bump

Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

  • Mosquitoes spread diseases through bites. Some diseases mosquito bites spread include viruses like Dengue and West Nile and Malaria. 
  • Also, people with strong immunity may fight mosquito-borne germs and not fall sick. 

What Process Does Our Mosquito Control Narangba Team Follow?

Our Narangba mosquito control team will first inspect your place inside out. Then, we will discuss the best mosquito control plan as per the requirements. Primary inspection will assist in identifying the cause, where to start and how to destroy mosquitoes effectively. 

We may use chemical-based treatment or a microbial-based control and even physical treatment method. Have a look at the three methods in detail below: 

  • Chemical Mosquito Control

In this treatment, our experts use larvicides and insecticides to destroy the mosquitoes. As per the condition, the mosquito infestation level and larvae amount, we decide which chemical product to spray. 

  • Microbial Mosquito Control 

Microbial larvicide is useful in controlling and removing mosquitoes and keeps you at ease. Also, microbial larvicide is also a pesticide as it attacks the larvae of mosquitoes and insects. 

  • Physical Mosquito Control 

In this method, water flow is managed, surrounding modification, sealing up the larvae habitat & draining. This method involves minimal or no use of insecticides and is mostly liked by our Narangba clients. 

Our Mosquito Controllers Are Active At All Prime Locations in Narangba

Our mosquito control Narangba team offers services to all locations of Narangba. No matter if you reside in North, East, West or South of Narangba, we can help you. Our pest control professionals stay prepared to cater high-quality service within minimal time. Call us today! 


Q. How long does it take for mosquito treatment to work?

Usually, one can expect results within a few hours. There will be a significant reduction in mosquito activity just after service. However, the exact time taken by a treatment to show proper results varies as per the conditions like level of infestation, location, temperature, etc. 

Q. What is the best time to spray for mosquitoes in Narangba? 

The most suitable time to spray adult mosquitoes is at dusk. Further, fogging is a better option for immediate results. Mosquitoes are mostly active and searching for human/animal blood at dusk. Also, aerosol fog is mostly used for flying mosquitoes, this is why dusk hours are perfect for spraying for mosquitoes. 

Q. Does rain wash away the mosquito treatment?

Rain just after or before the treatment does not have a drastic effect on the results of the control done. As oil-based mosquito control products are not “washed away” by rainwater. However, if you are uncomfortable while spraying for mosquitoes during rain, you can reschedule the booking. 

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