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Are you unable to understand the reason behind the itchy sores? The presence of fleas can be the reason. While their presence can be quite unpleasant, they can be located very easily. Pest Control Narangba is here to offer the best quality services to our clients in Narangba. It’s quite common to have fleas if you have pets in your house. Therefore, there are very high chances of having flea problems in your house at some point in time. To find a perfect solution for this, we offer the best flea treatment services. Fleas are tiny parasitic insects that mainly feed on blood. Hence they feed on cats and dogs in most cases. So, it is important to our flea control Narangba services as early as possible, once you detect their presence. The following are the reasons to choose our services:

  • The services that we offer are quite long-lasting and very effective.
  • Our Flea Control Narangba services that we offer are very affordable and budget-friendly. 
  • Our team consists of highly professional experts who are well trained and very punctual. 
  • We have quite a hassle-free booking system. Since our customer care team is active 24/7. 
  • You can plan our services according to your schedule as our services are quite flexible.
  • We customize flea treatment for puppies if you have pet dogs in your house. 

To get our flea pest control services, you need to contact us right away! Our experts are quite skilful in offering the best quality services. To make an appointment for early access to our services, contact us at 07 2000 4287

How Do We Identify Fleas?

You might have multiple questions when it comes to a flea infestation. Therefore it is important to have a close check of certain things. Since pets are often prone to flea infestation, it is important to take action immediately after you observe certain signs of fleas with your pets. If you don’t reach your pets regularly then there are high chances of your pets contracting fleas. If you come across their eggs and droppings, then it is a sign to realize that they are present on your property. The following are the ways to identify the presence: 

  • Cat Flea: If the fleas are present on your cat or kittens then you can observe the itchy behaviour of your pet cats and kittens. 
  • Human Flea: Since they bite the areas around the ankles and knees, you tend to observe the redness and itchiness around these areas.
  • Symptoms Of Flea Bite: A flea bite can cause itchiness, red patches, and also redness around the area of the bite.
  • Dog Flea: Dogs are more susceptible to a flea infestation. Therefore we can see patchy hair on the dogs and redness of the skin. 
  • By Their Physical Appearance: since they are visible to the naked eye, they can be easily identified. They’re Black Or brown in colour. The most effective way to detect a presence is by wearing socks and walking around. If there is a flea presence, then you can observe them on your socks.

It is important to keep an eye out for the science and symptoms as early detection can help you in preventing the infestation from getting worse. 

Measures To Take If You Detect Flea Infestation

It is very necessary to take measures to prevent the entry of fleas into your property. Having fleas on your property can be harmful to both your family members as well as to your pets. Don’t worry there are certain measures that you need to take to restrict their entry into your property. But if you are planning to do it on your own that can get a bit messy. That there are professional flea control services out there. Before getting these services, the following are the measures that you need to take to keep their count at bay: 

  • Removal of fleas that are present on your pet fur. You can achieve this by running a free comb along with your pet fur coat.
  • Essential oils act as a great repellent that helps in reducing flea numbers.
  • Removing the food that can easily contract the fleas is very important.
  • You should always look out for the signs and symptoms of the flea presence on your pets.
  • Get immediate treatment if you notice the presence of fleas on your pets. 
  • There are flea treatments for kittens that are specifically for the removal of fleas from the kittens. Get them done, as soon as you observe fleas on your cats. 

By following the above measures one can prevent flea infestation and also get them under control. If the situation gets worse, then get the total care flea control treatment right away. 

Our Control And Removal Program For Fleas

Generally, fleas do not become an inside problem easily; but if they do it is very important to get them removed quickly and instantly. You might see please sleeping in to your property and feasting on your food items. In situations, you need to get professional flea control and removal services. For which flea control Narangba experts have the best solution. We follow a three-step process which includes the inspection, control and removal services and treatment. 

  • Thorough Inspection: In order to get the best results one must perform an inspection prior to the treatment. It helps you get the maximum effect out of the treatment and also it stays for a longer duration. Therefore our experts perform a thorough inspection of your property. 
  • Habitat Modification: To achieve the best results it is necessary to modify their habitats. After modifying their habitat we make it uncomfortable for them to live. 
  • Chemical Treatment: We use organic insecticides for getting rid of fleas. The chemicals that we use are eco-friendly and pet-friendly. Therefore we use chemical treatment that doesn’t cause any harm to your pets. We perform flea fumigation. Our flea fumigation cost is very reasonable. 


Do you offer your inspection services in Narangba?

Since our company is a local one we offer our services across all the regions in Narangba. Therefore, the Inspection Services are also made available to all the residents. 

Are your flea control services available to pet dogs?

Of course, Yes! Our services are specially designed for your pet dogs and cats. Therefore, we offer our flea control services to your pet dogs as well.

How can I contact your team?

In order to contact us, you can just call us at our company number. Our customer care representative will answer your call and get in contact with you. 

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