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Are you tired of trying the kitchen remedies and other DIYs for getting rid of moths? Here are our moth control Narangba services. Pest Control Narangba is the best one for offering the best moth control services. We use the best products from the best brands to attain the most effective moth control in the house and office. We offer our services in both commercial and residential properties. Moths are often found on carpets, therefore this calls for carpet moth extermination. In addition to in-house treatment, we even perform our services to make your carpets free from moths. Having moths can get messy as they tend to damage your property. To avoid this, you need to get our moth pest control services. 

If you are curious enough to know more about us, you can contact us at 07 2000 4287. Our customer care team will be active 24*7 and will be more than happy to assist you in clarifying your queries. 

Signs Of Pantry Moth Or Cloth Moth Infestation

If you are facing issues with moths and are unable to find the source of the infestation, it is important to keep a close eye on certain signs of the infestation. There are several types of moths like cloth moths, pantry moths, coding moths, winter moths, etc. Each one has its characteristic features. So, it is important to identify them using these features and certain signs. This helps in detecting them easily, thus aiding in eliminating them at the earliest. Here are the signs that you need to look for:

  • You can observe holes in the packaged food, indicating the presence of pantry moths.
  • Clusters of eggs, cocoons, and larvae, it’s a sign to get immediate moth caterpillar control services. 
  • Holes on the clothes and other fabrics, especially on the carpets. This indicates the presence of a carpet moth.
  • Damage to the food items like nuts, cereal, flour, grains, etc. 
  • Since they feed on animal fibres like fur, silk, and leather, they tend to damage the things made of these. For instance, furniture, clothes, carpets, etc. 

If you notice any of these signs, there is a high chance of moth infestation on your property. If that’s the case, get in touch with professionals for getting the best moth pest control services. 

Do You Think Moths Are Harmful? 

Most people believe that moths can cause damage only to clothes or other objects. But that’s not true! They can spread several diseases by contaminating food substances. They tend to lay eggs and can contaminate food. With this, it might lead to several infections and discomfort. Despite the property damage, it can also lead to other irreversible losses. The following are the reasons, why moths are harmful: 

  • They cause monetary loss and property damage. 
  • Food contamination leads to several diseases. 
  • They leave permanent spots on expensive leather and fur clothing. 
  • Certain species of moths can emit venom, as a part of a defensive mechanism. 
  • Food is often prone to contamination, due to its presence inside your house.
  • The venom that they release as a part of a defensive mechanism can be toxic and harmful. 

Apart from the substantial damage they can cause to your property, the above are the reasons why moths are harmful and detrimental. 

Process That We Follow For Best Moth Control Treatment

Our moth control Narangba experts believe in offering the best quality services. We are very considerate about the needs of our customers. Therefore, we curate our services depending on the requirement. For this very reason, we strategize our plans and take action accordingly. This helps in attaining long-lasting results. The following are the steps that we follow: 

  • Moth Inspection: To get effective results, we perform the inspection, to detect the presence of moths and the source of infestation. It mostly includes the inspection of clothes, cupboards, pantry, etc. In the course of this, we tend to look for larvae and eggs or cocoons. For the best moth caterpillar control services, inspection is a must. 
  • Specific Chemical Treatment: Chemical treatment to be performed depending on the type of moth. As there are different kinds of moths, each one needs a special kind of chemical treatment. To perform this, we only use organic chemicals. Our services include
    • Winter moth control: controls the winter moths which are in adult and larvae form. 
    • Cabbage Moth Control: For the control of the cabbage moth that feeds on vegetables and fruits, we perform cabbage moth control services. 
    • Pantry moth extermination is performed for getting rid of pantry moths. 
    • Carpet moth extermination is for getting rid of moths off the carpets. 

We use suitable chemicals for specific types of moth. This way it results in obtaining the best results. 

  • Preventive Tips For Restricting Moth Entry: By following certain preventive tips, we can restrict the entry and growth of moths. Getting rid of them in their larvae or caterpillar stages can minimize their count to the maximum. The following are the tips that you need to follow:
    • Making it mandatory to cover your food and edible items, aids in minimizing the food sources to moths.  
    • Restricting the entry of moths into the property by setting barriers. 
    • To keep your wardrobes and closets neat. 
    • Regular decluttering of junk stuff.
    • Keep your pantry and packaged food items preserved in cupboards. 
    • Look out for signs that moths tend to leave behind. 

Why Do You Need To Choose Our Company In Narangba? 

If you are considering getting moth control services, then try to get them from the best company. Our company has been the constant provider of the best moth pest control services. If you are suspicious about the presence of moths on your property, then you must get our moth control Narangba services. Our services are offered at great quality. The following are the reasons to choose our company: 

  • We provide the best moth control solutions that are certified. 
  • Our services are performed by qualified local experts in the field.
  • We are available even on short-notice appointments. 
  • You can save up to $40, as our services are offered at discounted prices. 
  • Upon request, our experts offer follow-up treatments as well. 
  • Our moth control Narangba team is a local one offering the services across all the regions in Narangba. 


How to get rid of cloth and carpet moth infestation?

It can be eliminated with heat treatment or chemical treatment. These methods can kill the moths instantly at any stage of their life. 

Is staff in your company certified?

All the members of our team are fully trained and are certified in performing the moth control methods. 

Do you offer your moth control services in Narangba on weekends? 

Our moth control Narangba services are available across all the regions of Narangba; since our company is a local one. 

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